Quality Assurance Specialist Contractor

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Quality Assurance Specialist Contractor
With moderate supervision, a good knowledge of Company products and services and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the claims function, this position monitors and audits claims activity to assess performance and adherence to specific client performance guarantees. Analyzes the level of performance as defined, and relays customer service quality metrics, feedback and information.
1. With a neutral approach and acting in a third party reporting role, this position upholds and drives high levels of job performance by monitoring and auditing claims operations performance.
2. Provides regular reports regarding performance of claims activity to the appropriate management team. This may include but is not limited to monthly reporting on claims processing. This may also include quarterly audits for clients with performance guarantees.
3. Troubleshoots failed claims and other claims that appear in quality control and exception queues.
4. In a manner consistent with continuous quality improvement, provides candid feedback and makes recommendations for opportunities for improvement where appropriate. Recommendations may support the development of training materials or be relayed to individuals in support of continuous development.
5. Supports employee development efforts to those processing claims by providing feedback and coaching on claims related issues. This may include advising employees on the claim review process and procedures or relaying eligibility and compliance information regarding claim adjudication.
Maintains current awareness of Company products and services as well as claims processes and procedures to effectively monitor, audit and analyze the performance of service levels. This may involve attending training sessions or reading about programs as supplied by the Company.
The ability and skill to effectively monitor and audit claims operations as described as normally obtained through at least three to five years of experience in the benefit and/or insurance industry. Experience working with claims related to cafeteria plans and flexible spending accounts is required. An accounting/auditing background is preferred
A good knowledge and understanding of federal spending account (FSA) benefits and cafeteria plans are required.
Incumbents must have good analytical skills, problem-solving skills and be attentive to details. The ability to research and uncover facts to resolve issues is required.
The ability to maintain a high rate of accuracy while working in a fast-pasted, changing environment and able to multi-task is essential.
Incumbents must have good typing skills with the ability to type at least 50 words per minute with a 95% accuracy rate. Data entry skills are essential. Incumbents must also have proficient reading and math skills.
Incumbents must have a professional disposition, good interpersonal skills and be able to accomplish common goals while working in a team environment with diverse backgrounds and levels.
Good oral and written skills are required to communicate feedback and coach and counsel as described. Previous coaching experience is preferred.
The ability to maintain the confidence of sensitive information is essential.
The ability to work under pressure while meeting deadlines
The ability to operate standard office equipment such as a calculator, printer, fax and photocopy machine is necessary. Working knowledge of a PC, business and communications software (preferably Word and Excel, common Windows operating systems, and Outlook) and web-based tools is required. Familiarity with contact management software is strongly preferred.
A solid knowledge and understanding of business respective to accounting, banking operations, or debit or credit card operations as normally obtained through two to three years of college level classes in business, accounting, finance or a related major.
Mequon, WI
Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
Employment will require successful completion of a background check
Location: Mequon,WI
Job Code: 1744
# of Openings: 2

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